Anne Gregory

Artist Biography

Recently I’ve added many animals (drawn by me in zoos and museums of natural history) to archetypal man and woman. Bringing them together and seeing what might happen between human nature and the natural world has been an adventure.

I can’t begin just with images, but need to get excited by process and pushing physical materials around-even adding the texture of found objects. The result is a large elaborate drawing that is an object not just 2D.


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Macaw/Bear, 88x38, watercolor,charcoal,airbrush color, found objects, 2016
The Sweet Tea of Odysseus, charcoal,watercolor, cast paper tea pot, found objects and some block prints, 2015
Grizzly and Song Birds, 68x38, wood block prints, watercolor,airbrush color, and found objects, 2016
Wayang's World, 52x80, diptych, watercolor , charcoal, air brush color, found objects