Multimedia Art by Robin Hill
Robin Hill – Critical Matters 2.0
Poesies Diverse 2018 68 x 68
Objects of Affection
Penny Olson – Traces
Anne Gregory – Natural History
Ian Harvey – Where Hallucinations are Important Questions
Trent Burkett – Redux
Return to Kit n’ Kaboodle
Her Way
Mark L. Emerson | Dean DeCocker
Non Linear by Michaele LeCompte
Master Class
Monumental: Group Exhibition
Fresh Start by Michael Cutlip
Within and Without: Wonderings of a Sheeted Figure by Jon Lynn McCallum
#idigress by Julia Couzens
Feral Re‚ÄĘCognition by John Yoyogi Fortes
Loved to Death – Maria Alquilar
Creatures from the Fire – Joe Mariscal
Mary Warner – Flourish
Kris Lyons – Meridian
From JayJay with Love
Large and Little
Summer Salon
The Backroom II
Feast – The Plate Show
Patrick Marasso – Album Selections
S.R. Jones – Under Wraps
Robert Ortball
Eleanor Wood: Profound Subtlety
Stephen Giannetti: Spray Weaver
Trent Burkett
Trent Burkett: MISC.
Peter Wayne Lewis: Temporal Paintings
Trending: New Talent from N. California
Thomas Leaver: Where
Mark L. Emerson: The Shape of Rhythm
Stuart Allen: Constructive Interference
Richard Martinez: Pattern, Shape, Color
Michael Sarich: Butting Heads
David Wetzl: A Tribute to Genius-im
Roger Berry: NOTS
Dean DeCocker: Specific to the Pacific
Joan Moment: Numinous
Carla Bengtson: What Returns
Seven Year Itch: Michael Stevens and Suzanne Adan
Jon Stevenson: Icons
Together + Alone 2013
Mark Boguski: Back and Forth
Kris Lyons: Bunch
Patrick Marasso: Others
Robert Ortbal: Hide and Seek
Paper Trail: Works on paper by selected artists
The Back Room
Women Under the Influence
Roger Vail: Inconspicuous Places
Dean DeCocker: Running at Full Tilt
David Wetzl: S.C.I.P. Told Me: Ego-Art
Kim Squalia: Chromautonomy
JAY JAY: NOW and then
Michaele LeCompte: Migration of Form
Penny Olson: Flowers and Water
Mark L. Emerson: The Color of Rhythm
Between You and Me
Joe Mariscal: Still Doing Time
Dolores’s House
Peter Wayne Lewis: Paintings from Middle Earth
Together + Alone 2010
Michael Sarich: Puppet Consumption
Trent Burkett: Prefab
Eleanor Wood: Boundaries
Robert Ortbal: Different Parts of Remembering
Stuff Your Stocking