Dolores’s House

September 7 – October 22, 2011

Robert Arneson | Donna Billick | Fred Gilhooly | Paul DiPasqua | Roy DeForest | Irving Marcus | Joe Mariscal | Jack Ogden | Yoshio Taylor | Chris Unterseher | Peter VandenBerge | Rimas VisGirda | Gary Viviano| Mary Warner | and many more…

The art collector holds a place of great influence in how artists are regarded throughout art history. One only has to visit an exhibit like The Steins Collect at SF MOMA, to realize how different the life of Henri Matisse or Pablo Picasso might have been without Gertrude and Leo.  In the art history of our region, this is also true.

The art patron mentioned in our exhibit, Dolores’s House, developed a broad and personal collection of objects, starting in the late 1970’s and ending at the end of the last millennium. Dolores’s House refers to the experience her family, friends and visitors had in an environment full of Dolores’s favorite things made by some of the most renowned Northern California artists.

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