Her Way

New Work From:
Ellen Van Fleet | Katherine Warinner | Jennifer Lugris | Kerry Cottle

November 8 through December 22, 2018
Reception: November 8th from 5:30 – 7:30 pm
Live Music  

Gallery hours:  Wed – Saturday 11 to 4 and by appointment

Her Way is an all female multi-generational painting and print making exhibition. This show aims to celebrate the artistic contributions of Northern California’s female population that have enhanced, influenced, and informed our burgeoning visual culture. For this show we have selected four artists; each of which are pushing their chosen medium in new and different directions.

Ellen Van Fleet

Building and reconstructing from torn paper, Van Fleet works until something mysterious appears. She does not paint to express a message but to create a journey that is unusual and invogorating. Van Fleets work has been exhibited/collected by the Whitney Museum, the Museum of Modern Art NYC, the Contemporary Arts Museum in Houston Texas, as well as several other prestigious institutions.

Katherine Warinner

Katherine Warinner works with shapes and patterns that are typically found in nature. Her prints create visual eco systems that are based on ideas about growth, balance, and movement. Warinner’s goal is to create images that reach beyond the literal, to a place that is meditative and internal. She has shown extensively through out the Bay Area.

Jennifer Lugris

Jennifer Lugris creates multi-panel paintings that are intensely fractured. Her images are abstracted, flattened and textured forms that push and pull to create new perceptions on how we view ourselves and our surroundings. Lugris describes her work as an ill fitting puzzle that makes up who she is. She recently received her MFA from University of California, Santa Barbara.

Kerry Cottle

Kerry Cottle works from reoccuring shapes and marks that articulate into complex mosaics and patterns that interweave, overlap, and intersect with one another. Her pieces are often times precise and symmetrical, yet allow for a freedom to occur that is very human and real. Cottle recently compeleted the Artist in Residence program at Northwestern Oklahoma State University.

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For more information please contact:  Jeff Mayry  jeff@jayjayart.com

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