Patrick Marasso – Album Selections

Patrick Marasso – Album Selections

Patrick Marasso records moments of leisure from decades past such as dinner parties, camping trips, and family gatherings. He collects vintage photographs and executes them in a traditional style of oil painting. Thin, transparent layers of oil and medium are brushed over fine coats of opaque paint creating a high-gloss, luminous finish. Wisps of graphite from the artist’s original sketch poke through the paint adding attention and curiosity to the image. Marasso’s dramatic and masterfully recreated scenarios have a sense of fanciful mystery and humor. Marasso is well regarded in the Sacramento art community and exhibits often with prestigious local and regional galleries, Michael Himovitz and Exploding Head, and more recently, The Verge. He received his MA from CSU Sacramento and his BFA from CSU Long Beach.


Novemeber 11th – December 19th, 2015

Second Saturday Reception: November 14th from 6-8pm: Live Jazz

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