The Backroom II

The Back Room II

The Back Room Weekly, JAYJAY’s weekly emailed essay, written by our gallery assistant Emily Johnson, features gems tucked away in our back room that patrons may not know exist in our great inventory. This communication has been a vital way to promote the idea that the artworks we exhibit are each one of-a-kind-objects worth being singled out and discussed.

The JAYJAY annex has also been one of the most important aspects of our programming; where all of the great artists of JAYJAY are featured all the time.  Many of our artists create monumental work and this room allows us to exhibit large pieces, as well as several artists’ work at all times, regardless of the featured exhibit in the main gallery.

The Back Room II exhibit spans across the main gallery and the annex. Visitors will experience works never before seen at JAYJAY, as well as some of our favorite pieces from the inventory.  All of the artworks exhibited together will give viewers a clear picture of what (and who) JAYJAY is and the mission that we continue to execute; presenting modern and contemporary work from museum track artists from this region and beyond.

February 10th – April 23rd, 2016

Gallery Hours: Wednesday – Saturday 11am – 4pm and by appointment

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