Together + Alone 2013

May 2 through June 22, 2013

Ian Harvey, a former New York based artist with his MFA from Columbia University School of the Arts, was introduced to the Sacramento region in a West Coast premier solo exhibit at JAYJAY in 2007. He received rave reviews for his “maximalist” approach to compositions with various paint mediums. Harvey, a painting professor at CSU Sacramento, has continued to impress collectors with his obvious love of paint and its ability to move on a surface, forming complicated abstract narratives.

Koo Kyung Sook was a professor of fine arts at Chung Nam National University in Taejon, Korea for the last couple of decades, and is recently retired and has immigrated to the US. She received her first BFA from Hongik University in Seoul, Korea, following with a BFA from the Art Institute of Chicago and an MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art in Michigan. She has exhibited widely in Korea and the United States, focusing on her interest in the figure with gestural images on paper, most recently in a digital medium.

Together + Alone at JAYJAY is a continuation of an exhibit with the same title mounted at JAYJAY in 2010.  The story of this husband and wife team has grown more rich and deep, as they continue to investigate their own work, as well as their monumental collaborations, which they began making during a residency at the Bemis Center for Contemporary Art in Omaha. Using the figurative imagery of Sook, and the alchemic abstract painting approach of Harvey, the two artists make paintings on business card stock (2”x 3.5”), and build works on a grid to form large scale figurative paintings.

The stature of these two artists and what they are producing is noteworthy on an international level, and JAYJAY is proud to continue to present them to the region and beyond.

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