Trent Burkett: Prefab

September 8 thru October 23, 2010

Trent Burkett  received his MA at CSU, Sacramento and his MFA at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, MN. Associate professor of sculpture/ceramics at UOP since 2006, Burkett’s title of this exhibit refers to his recent shift in the production of his work from “fine art” to the notions of prefabricated works, multiples, in slip cast ceramic forms, perforated and powder coated panels, and repetitious wall mounted cabinets. Burkett’s influences range from his love of the Sierra Nevada landscape to his understanding of Eastern aesthetics and in this exhibit these passions are explored less literally than his past work, however, the simplicity and utilitarianism of the objects in this show retain his vision.

Burkett’s work may be viewed at Kaiser Permanente Hospital in Modesto, CA where there is a large-scale garden installation of corten steel sculptures.


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