Ian Harvey – Where Hallucinations are Important Questions

New Work

September 12th – October 26th
Reception: September 12, 5:30 – 7:30 pm
Live Music

Gallery hours: Wednesday – Saturday, 11 to 4, and by appointment

Where Hallucinations are Important Questions is an exhibition of Ian Harvey’s most recent paintings and drawings. The work is all large scale; allowing the viewer to enter into Harvey’s dream worlds. They are places where there is no line that distinguishes between what is perceived as “reality” and the “unknown”. Structure is interwoven into a frenzy, that is delivered to the eye as vivid hallucinations. Introducing the notion of possibility; these mechanisms encourage the viewer to become lost, and take comfort in feeling adrift. The work is serious, yet there is a humorous side, reminiscent of the way that in times of hopelessness and confusion we find ourselves laughing. These paintings and drawings are a shot of adrenaline that stimulate the eyes, mind, and body, as the viewer is transported into worlds where there is no room for hopeless emptiness to exist.

Harvey received his MFA from Columbia University. He has exhibited extensively on both the east and west coast, notably the San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art, as well as internationally in South Korea at the Leyoung Contemporary Art Museum. Harvey has received several high profile grants and fellowships, including a grant from The Pollock-Krasner Foundation. In addition, his work is in many public and private collections, such as Yale University & PepsiCo International. Harvey is currently a Professor of Painting and Drawing at California State University Sacramento.

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