David Wetzl makes the “Best of 2014”

Worldly Beings Viewing Their Inner and Outer Universe 41 x 35 2013 Aryclic on shaped wood-edit

David Wetzl @ JayJay

Read the full article on Square Cylinder,  published 4 January 2015.
A widely shared expectation for artists is that they reflect the historical moment they inhabit.  Wetzl accepts that notion, but also believes that vestiges of every stage of human evolution exist in the present.  To represent that idea, the artist creates “integrative maps” of human consciousness.  They show reason, faith, philosophy, genetic memory and biological imperatives colliding in a sea of historic, pop cultural and technological effluvia.  An unsung star, with a seemingly inexhaustible supply of visual and stylistic inventions, Wetzl is an artist whose own moment is long overdue.


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