Between You and Me

July 9 through August 6, 2011

Photography by Jamil Hellu and Naomi Vanderkindren
Curated by Terry Berlier

JAYJAY is very proud to present an exhibit curated by Terry Berlier titled Between You and Me.  July has often been an Introductions exhibit month in Sacramento. Terry Berlier, as a MFA recipient from UC Davis, was included in an Introductions exhibit at JAYJAY in 2003. Now this talented artist and Assistant Professor of Sculpture at Stanford returns to JAYJAY, bringing the work of two recent MFA recipients from the Stanford Art Practice program.

Jamil Hellu is interested in the history of photographic portraiture, particularly in how it has changed over time with technology, as we experience our digital age.  Requiring the ‘sitter’ to remain immobile during a long exposure, Hellu attempts to capture an emotional quality in the image of the subject that may be lost in the rush of the current point and shoot mentality. These impressive large format color portraits reveal their subjects in a matter of fact and un-doctored light. Hellu received his BFA from the San Francisco Art Institute in 2003, and MFA in 2010 from Stanford.

Naomi Vanderkindren explores the idea that the past, as memory, is always changing in relation to current experience, and the act of looking at photographic images fundamentally changes our conception of the past. Vanderkindren is interested in a broad range of forms, but in this exhibit her approach to the photographic portrait will also be shown, particularly her interest in historic and experimental processes. “Anything that makes a shadow can form an image in the darkroom”. Vankderkindren uses multiple layers of paper, collage, pencil drawings and photographs printed on basic typing paper to achieve an image that is akin to a charcoal drawing, with the missing information providing more mystery than what is revealed. Vanderkindren received her BFA from the San Francisco Art Institute (and her MFA from Stanford in Art Practices.

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