From JayJay with Love

From JayJay with Love
A great way to start your Valentines Date!

February 14 –¬†March 25, 2017
Special Valentines Day Reception on Tuesday, February 14, 2017, from 5 to 7pm with Bubbles and Chocolate

Gallery Hours: Wednesday through Saturday, 11 to 4 and by appointment

JAYJAY is pleased to announce our upcoming exhibit From JAYJAY with Love, which is a dedication to you; our art patrons. This exhibit will showcase two artists new to JAYJAY, Rick Siggins and Mark Eanes, as well as feature a collection of various red, pink, and white artworks in the spirit of Valentines Day.

Rick Siggins abstract paintings are composed of multiple, small individually
stretched canvases. He assembles these intricately hand painted pieces together to create a kaleidoscopic effect. Siggins works, some of which are imposingly large and comprised of hundreds of canvases, appear relatively precise from a distance but up close mesmerize the viewer with an intriguing weave of vibrant colors.

Mark Eanes explores the concept of layering in his expressive mixed media paintings, which are fueled by his international travels. Beneath the surface, one can see traces of a long process that is very physical, even restless, in its nature; drawing, painting, sanding, scraping, scrawling, tearing, building up and tearing down. Eanes goal is to arrive at a place in the work of equilibrium, a harmonious orchestration of events and decisions, time and material; much like those time worn walls in Europe that reached their angle of repose over many, many years.

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