Michaele LeCompte

Artist Statement

What Matters to Me
I’m a color junkie – I can’t get enough of it.  I collect color swatches like others collect rare artifacts.  I think about color all the time.  In recent years, I have eliminated imagery in favor of color – literal stripes of different hues, tones, and tints.  What thrills me is the interaction, the placement of one color next to another.  I love the way, stroke by stroke, I build a painting.  I love the way the finished painting has visual weight and power beyond “mere” color – how the sum becomes greater than the parts.  This transformation is the crux of why I keep painting – I never know what I will discover in the next painting!

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Michaele LeCompte - <b>Aerial</b>, 2011
Michaele LeCompte - <b>Baroque</b>, 2011
Michaele LeCompte - <b>Blush</b>, 2010
Michaele LeCompte - <b>Degrees of Gray</b>, 2010
Michaele LeCompte - <b>Silk</b>, 2010