Robert Ortbal: Hide and Seek

March 6 – April 20, 2013

Robert Orbital returns to JAYJAY with further explorations of space and time, real and virtual in his series Hide and Seek. Orbital is a master at producing beautiful objects that are three-dimensional poems, evoking a moment when the sun was just so, or a time when a fragrance wafted in the air. On further inspection, these objects may be made of bouncy balls from the craft store, pipe cleaners, fake rocks from Home Depot, etc., meaning all kinds of odd materials, which have been found by Orbital, to have a higher mission in this life. The drawings that accompany the sculpture may be his train of thought leading to the culmination of which is the sculpture he makes or they are so much more. They stand alone with somewhat familiar diagrams instructing us in ways that are mysterious and important and in the end, we take more time to decipher the message.

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