Paper Trail: Works on paper by selected artists

March 6 – April 20, 2013

Works on paper by selected artists
S.R. Jones | Michaele LeCompte | Annell Livingston | Gordon Senior | Ellen Van Fleet | Elanor Wood

Paper Trail is a small and powerful exhibit of a group of works on paper by selected artists known and new to JAYJAY. S.R. Jones, Michaele LeCompte, Ellen Van Fleet and Eleanor Wood are part of the history of JAYJAY, all featured several times in their own exhibits over the last 12 years. Annelle Livingston and Gordon Senior are somewhat new—having been introduced in the JAYJAY annex, but never in an exhibit. This work ranges from the juicy romantic to the repetitive pattern; negative space to deliberate composition. We love the artist’s hand and here we can see it in the quiet address of both geometry and figure, using the formal tools of the trade such as graphite, watercolor, collage, wax and paper! (Not a digital notion in this mix.)

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