The Back Room

February 8 thru April 21, 2012

JAYJAY is starting its 12th year!  We want to celebrate with an exhibit that features the best of everything JAYJAY is and promises to be.

The Back Room Weekly, the JAYJAY weekly email conceived and written by our gallery assistant, Diana Bowers, features gems from our back room. This communication with JAYJAY patrons has been a vital way to promote the idea that the artworks we exhibit are each one of-a-kind-objects worth being singled out and discussed all by themselves, out of the context of an exhibit.

The JAYJAY annex has also been one of the most important aspects of our programming, where all of the great artists of JAYJAY are featured all the time.  Many of our artists do monumental work, and this room allows us to exhibit all of our artists’ work always, regardless of the featured exhibit in the main gallery.

So, these attributes of our gallery, along with new and past work from our artists brings us to JAYJAY, The Back Room. The word ‘sublime’ in the exhibit subtitle refers to the idea that art made to be made, without the ulterior motive projected by the marketplace, has a sacred quality and we are the fortunate dealers that are allowed to exhibit and sell these very distinctive objects.

Visit this exhibit and experience works never before seen at JAYJAY, as well as some of our favorite pieces from the inventory.  All these artworks exhibited together give you a clear picture of what (and who) JAYJAY is and the mission that we continue to execute; presenting modern and contemporary work from museum track artists; scholars really, from this region and beyond.

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