David Wetzl: S.C.I.P. Told Me: Ego-Art

November 7 through December 22, 2012

David Wetzl has long been a JAYJAY standout, and rightfully so.  He is an innovative imagist using elements here of animation, technical drawing and surrealism, as well as  the pure celebration of color and form, interacting with psychological symbols familiar to Mr. Wetzl, but curious to most viewers.  In fact, S.C.I.P., mentioned in his exhibit’s title is Wetzl’s alter ego, who often appears in the painting as an oval or cubistic eye.  This artist is one of a kind and collectors of his work are passionate to watch his evolution.  Wetzl received his MA from CSU Sacramento and his MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute.  His work can be found in the Crocker Museum collection, and the corporate collections of Sprint, Bank of Sacramento, Wood Rogers Engineers, and Larry Walker Associates.

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